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Synergy Dance Festival

Maraylya Public School was well represented at the Synergy Dance Festival in 2016. This is a prestigious festival many schools audition to be a part of. It is held each year in June, and is held at the Evan Theatre, Penrith. The festival has been running now for 28 years!

The Kindergarten Dacne Group performed to Bobby Darin's popular song "Splish Splash". They were a hit with the audience as they showed off their moves!

Our Years 2-6 Dance Group, made up of 24 boys and girls, performed smoothly to Michael Buble's "Come Fly With Me." They looked wonderful in costumes made by dedicated parents and grandparents.

Education Week Performances

Maraylya Public School had 4 groups travel to Richmond Marketplace to perform during our Education Week celebrations.

Congratulations to our 2 dance groups "Splish Splash" and "Come Fly With Me." Our choir performed 2 songs, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and "Blue Moon/Do You Wanna Dance." Our drummers performed "Rhythmic Beats."

Particular congratulations go to the Choir and the Drumming Group on your very FIRST performance!